The Power of Listening

There are certain conversations that you leave feeling truly heard and truly seen – where the person listening is so present that you get to be fully yourself. There are no distractions, no pretenses, no masks.

My hope is that you’ve been on both sides of those conversations; that you’ve created that space for others and that others have created it for you.

Many years ago my father said, “We have more ways to connect, yet we are more disconnected than ever.” I didn’t understand it then. I do now. In a world where so many of us are waiting to talk, busy in our heads, looking for the perfect thing to say, multi-tasking, wondering when we’ll get to speak – truly listening is a gift.

I’m guilty of all of the above. We all are and that’s completely OK. This isn’t about doing anything perfectly; it’s about being aware of how we show with those who are important to us and how the people around us show up for us.

When you truly listen to another person they learn that you are a safe place, a place where they can relax, let their jaw unclench and their shoulders fall down. There’s no need to be anything other than their genuine self.

When you find a person who truly listens to you it can shift everything. The space that’s created by that person, be it a friend or a professional, is powerful. It creates connection and the opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of someone who cares enough to deeply listen.

When we have that space and those people who deeply listen, I believe anything is possible. I have seen incredible changes happen in those spaces and I have felt the deep gratitude of being on the receiving end. Notice the opportunities to listen just a little bit deeper in your most important relationships. See what shifts.

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