The Peak

It would seem the waking hours were often spent

chasing an unreachable high

one that could only be found when all of me

was carved out in wood in the same corner

of the ceiling at the same exact time

and how rare was this that also

those below would have had to speak

in hushed tones because it was as if they knew

that there was someone there, someone who

had possibly reached some sort of pinnacle

that not dare be disturbed or interrupted

and I know I would be grateful because

if I had to start all over, there would be a chance

I would not hit this peak again and then

the restlessness would drive me mad and I would ache

oh god that ache, the deep, deep ache –

then the falling, the dozing would come eventually

and I would always wake up minutes later

exhausted and confused

Published author and eclectic Earth-Based Spiritualist, Renee Avard-Furlow, the “Unique-tivity Guide”, has formed a Holistic and Spiritual endeavor focusing on bringing out the unique and creative side each person already has inside them. 
By offering guidance sessions to restore harmony and to show all how to allow their Star inside to lighten Life outside, she imparts the wisdom needed for everyone to usher in whimsy and embrace an amazing truth: we are ALL worth catching. 
She can be found at:, on Facebook  and Twitter.

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