The only two relationship questions you need to ask yourself

Post by Natalia Chouklina for the Kind Kindred series.

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I married my soul mate a few weeks ago.

It gives me so much joy and thrill to share this with you because for years I struggled in intimate relationships.

I figured out my career, my living situation and I mastered a new language when I moved from Russia to Canada, but… When it came to relationships, I felt completely inept and unworthy.

So many people I know and work with are in midst of their own quest for love and sacred connection. It’s not always easy!

Lara, the owner of Kind Over Matter, encouraged me to share my story of how, despite my fears and doubts, I created the relationship of my dreams, and how I got clear and stayed committed to my vision. It sure took long enough to become real!

I believe with every fiber of my being that:
– You deserve to experience true love and care in the way you always dreamed about.
– If it was possible for me, it’s totally possible for you. No doubt about it!

For me, the first step was to get clear on what I really wanted and why I kept on finding myself in dysfunctional relationships despite my best efforts.

Asking myself two very specific questions kicked everything into high gear for me. Click to watch the video and to learn what they are!

There are many different ways to explore Where are you going? I used this values clarification exercise to get my answer. Give it a try!

You are going places!

PS: Don’t forget to leave a comment and share Where are you going? Can’t wait to read them! 

I’m Natalia: a certified life coach for women who are ready to take a stand for their needs, to own their truth and to advocate for their dreams.

Creating crystalline clarity is what I am known for and, after working with me, my clients benefit from a pronounced sense of freedom, unwavering self-trust, increased confidence and lashings of ease.

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