The one thing that will make the biggest difference

‘Tis the season for resolutions, ads from companies that are trying to make you feel badly about yourself and a whole bunch of BS about things you need to change simply because the date on the calendar flipped to a new year.

Before we go any further, in case you need to hear it – if you are entering this new year as exactly the same person you were last year, you are perfect. Please, please, please do not take any action from a place of feeling badly about yourself!

Now that we have that out of the way…

If you’re a resolutions person, more power to you. They’ve never been my jam.
If you’re a word of the year person, fantastic. I sometimes am, but don’t think I am this year.
If you’re a keep doing what works person, awesome. Keep that going!
If you’re an adventurous soul who loves doing big, daring, new things. Rock on.

Whatever type of person you are, however you choose to enter a new year, there is one thing you can do that will positively impact every single area of your life, every single day. From relationships, to career, to hobbies, to health Рall of it.

Choosing you.

That’s it!

This one falls into the “simple but not easy” category. Seems simple. Imagine a scenario or a decision, and just choose yourself. Simple! Here’s the not easy part. Often that choice means disappointing others. Sometimes it means going against the crowd. If can create uncomfortable conversations. None of that means that it’s the wrong choice.

It’s also not selfish. Most of us fear that if we start choosing ourselves we’ll become these selfish people who never think of others. Not gonna happen. Know how I know? Because I used to have that fear. What I now know is that when I choose me that often means helping others. Choosing me over the December holidays meant hubs and I gave gifts to foster children instead of each other. Choosing me in my professional life means that I have more capacity to support others. Turns out it’s when I don’t choose me that I become selfish and burnt out.

Give it a try. Maybe not every time you’re at a cross roads, but at least some of the time. What might it look like to choose you? What’s the easiest place you can start playing with this idea? Start there. Give it a try. Give you a try.

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