The Motivation Myth

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

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The Motivation Myth

There are going to be times when you feel stuck. In a rut. In your mind. In the mud and muck of it all. There are going to be times when your shit is up. And you just don’t feel like it. You don’t want to. Even though you know you should. Even though you know what is best…

You’ll want to feel the electric pull of motivation, but you don’t. You wait for it.

For it to show up and guide you back to the promise land. You want to want to feel like you can take all the action you desire. You want to want do what you need to do. But you don’t. You know it’s good. You know it’s right. And yet, you sit. In the pain. In the blank. And watch the world spin. Because that is what you are supposed to do…right?

There is this myth going around about motivation. A myth that implores you to wait for it to be bestowed upon you. A myth that says you need it before you can really get the party of you started. The story begins whispering itself in your ears whenever you near your sticking point. Telling you that you can’t. That you have to wait until things get clear. Until the desire propels you forward of its volition. So you wait. And wait. And not much happens except the discontent grows until it threatens to take over.

Want the truth? It’s not fancy. Or glamorous. But it’s real…

Motivation is a byproduct of action. ?When you first start out, the motivation to do big, amazing things looks like magic. But its not. It’s the result of the stretch from where you are into where you desire to be. Little steps can reap big piles of giddy-up. You may not even notice, because it’s all so new. But it is happening.

Then as time goes on you may slow down…the initial glow wears away and it feels like quick sand growing beneath your feet. The motivation wanes and you get caught in that tricky little story. Stuck.

Ready to step out of the myth? Want the magic spell to bring your motivation back front and center?

Here’s it is:

DO IT ANYWAY. Yep. That’s it.

Do it anyway.

Whatever it is. ?Whatever feels good.

Do it.

Want to write? Do it.

Want to paint? Do it.

Want to move your body? Do it.

Want to meet more people? Go and meet them.

Want to date more? Go flirt.

Want help? Ask for it.

Want to start a business? Take a step. Something. Anything.

Do it anyway.

Don’t let your feelings or thoughts or stories get in the way. Don’t wait for motivation to find you. Get your magnificent ass in gear and start to your rock your own damn world. There is no better time than now. This is your life. Don’t wait for it start…make it happen. No matter what. ?

I’m Jo Anna. Jo Anna Rothman, MA if you are being fancy. I’m a Wizardess of love. Mistress of change. Conjurer of Electric Creative Wholeness.

I am here to invite and inspire you to live the best human experience ever. I connect folks to their soul, their purpose, their absolute and amazing joy. I coach. I write. I facilitate the amazing Receiving Project.  Most of all, I have a damn good time!

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