The magic of acceptance

Have you ever noticed how people become more or less attractive as you get to know them? The person who you may not have noticed is suddenly desirable because they’re an AWESOME human or the total hottie doesn’t seem all that great once you realize they’re a big jerk. It’s kind of magic, right?!

Acceptance works the same way. When you get to the part of a relationship, romantic or platonic, where each person is actually comfortable being fully themselves, that’s where the magic happens. When you’ve demonstrated that you fully accept them – flaws and all – they start to thrive. You start to see more and more of their awesomeness!

What relationship(s) do you have, where this magic is present? Do you have a bestie who has created a judgement free zone, or maybe a partner or relative? Think about how you feel in that relationship versus how you feel with other people in your life. It might make you smile just thinking about the magic of that special relationship.

Now think about your relationship with yourself. Are you smiling when you think about how you feel in that relationship? It is a relationship after all, and unlike the hottie who turned out to be a big jerk, you can’t get away from yourself.

Here’s the thing. Most of us can clearly connect with the place where that magic is present. We smile and get a warm feeling thinking about the relationship and how we feel when we’re with that person. Most of us don’t get that same warm feeling when we think about our relationship with ourselves. We may roll our eyes, feel unsettled or simply not want to think about how we feel alone.

So how do we change it? Start by thinking about the magic relationship. What makes it feel that way? What has that person said that lets you know you can be fully yourself with them? What have they done? How do they show up?

Take the answers to all of those questions and apply liberally to yourself! Notice the things you say to yourself. Are you speaking kindly, or is your inner meanie doing most of the talking? Are you allowing your flaws or are you judging them? Are you doing kind things for yourself or are you living a life full of over-commitment and shoulds?

Like I said, your relationship with yourself is the only relationship that’s always present, so why not make it the place where the magic happens?!


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