The Kindness Of Strangers Is What Life Is All About

People are hardly living nowadays. This is due to their stress and hectic workload which has made them rough and inefficient. It has created a space between us and has changed our way of living. People today have a deficiency of togetherness, love and social interaction which has made us live a robotic life. We have a lack of love and care which has increased our stress and anxiety. It has also decreased the amount of time which we are able to give to others. We need to change our way of living if we want to live a healthy and satisfying life.

You have heard that little kind deeds can change the world. It doesn’t require a miracle or big actions to make others happy and change the whole scenario. Even your little effort and a kind act can affect others in a positive way. This kindness impacts all phases of our life and we can achieve strength, happiness and satisfaction as a result. You can spread kindness and happiness by doing little kind deeds like:

  • Greet strangers and ask them about themselves.
  • Share a smile and have a conversation with your neighbors even when you are in a hurry.
  • Give up your seat to older people or let others who are in a hurry go ahead of you.
  • Help others by giving them food, clothes, etc. Even a small help can give them happiness.
  • Give your work colleagues a helping hand when they are behind on a deadline.

These are just a few ideas. Try to think of other ways you can spread kindness around you.

Kindness Can be a Source of Health and Wellness

Kindness can keep your soul and heart satisfied and relaxed. You can create a source of relaxation and motivation for others by simply doing small kind acts. This can keep you healthier and you will feel unity and togetherness. Your good deeds can create a feeling of being connected and decrease the distance between yourself and others. It can change your whole way of  thinking.

Kind acts and deeds can improve your immunity and reduce your stress and tension. This also urges others to share happiness, freedom, love and unity. Your kind act, words and gestures can make a big difference in the social community. Other people may get inspired by your deeds and do the same. This does not mean only showing kindness to loved ones. It’s about creating a community of love and caring, including your neighbors, friends, children and even animals. It is a kind act if you remove any hurdle or barrier from the walkways that could create a danger for others.

How Helping Others Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

Have you ever met strangers and talked with them? Have you ever done a kind act for someone you didn’t know? How did you feel? What was your motive and how did others react to your kind act?

I feel happy and strengthened when I read books and articles. This increases my knowledge and improves my self esteem. Last week, I went to a library to find a new book and had an encounter with a stranger. Usually I’ll automatically get lost in the river of books and will not notice what’s going on nearby.

I was searching for my next book in the long shelves. Seeing a huge collection of books was enticing me to read each one. I need a bell ringing or a person yelling at me to leave when it’s time to close the library.

While passing by a book rack, I noticed a keyring on a shelf. Three keys including a car key and a grocery store card were attached to the keyring. “Should I leave the keys here?” I thought. I checked my pockets. My keys were with me and I wondered whose keys these were.

I could have left the keys where they were, but instead I took them to the front desk and told them where I had found them. After that, I started searching for books again. An hour later a girl, tired and nervous, came to me and asked if I was the person who found the keys. I replied “Yes,” inquisitively thinking why she was asking me. Then she started thanking me, bowing her head several times and continued to do it again and again.

She said that the keyring had her car, home and locker keys. She was stressed and shocked when she realized that she had lost them. She continued to thank me and praise me for my action. She asked for my contact number to repay this act of kindness. After the whole scenario, I felt overwhelmed and my self-esteem was soaring.

How This Kind Action Made Me Feel

This act made me feel happiness and satisfaction in my soul. When she hurried to thank me for returning the important keys to her, I realized the significance of my action. That day I felt how my small effort and a little time helped a stranger and gave her happiness. You can feel self-esteem and happiness by just doing a small act of kindness for a stranger. This can satisfy you and keep you motivated.

We can do small acts of kindness like this in our daily routines. Helping a stranger, returning lost items, giving a seat on busses or trains to elders can spread love and change the whole world. According to research, helping others can keep you happier and healthier so you can live a longer life.

After reading this story, will you try to help others in your daily routine? I will now try to do that more often. I will search for these occasions which can keep me motivated, satisfied and boost my mood. When you make an effort to help others it can start a chain reaction. Everyone involved will live a happier and more cheerful life.

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