The Importance of “You” in Your Business

Post by Dani Nelson for the Kindness in Business series.

The Importance of “You” in Your Business

Hey, you. That real you, inside of the layers of embarrassment, the walls of shame. Buried underneath a pile of “should-do”s and expert advice.

You and I need to have a chat.

All that hiding you’re doing? It sucks. I mean, it’s not any fun ducking underneath the horizon, shying away from the sunshine. And while the “outside” you, the “public” you, is pretty darn nifty? That inside you is absolutely fucking brilliant. It’s time to come out to play.

Not only is it good for you, head, heart, and soul, but getting connected to that true self of yours? Rocking your weirdness to the moon and back? That is one of the most important things – if not the most important thing – you can do to help your business shine.

How do I know? I spent a whole lot of time running at 85% on my own personal awesomeness meter. I hid bits and pieces away, fashioned a “corporate voice”, did the things I thought I should, followed the recommended practices and processes. Made some money. Built a handful of businesses. And it was awful. And hard. And tedious. And pretty darn unfulfilling.

So now I do it my way.

On the Outside, It’s About Confidence

I traded in my suits and heels for jeans and flannels the day I left the corporate world. Even at a fancy booze-and-schmooze networking event, I found I could hold my own and then some, even if I was the most casually dressed person in the room. Why? I never felt like me in a suit. Or in anything that even touched on corporate casual, to be honest. I always called it my “corporate drag”, and it really was – a persona that I put on when I got dressed. But it was always uncomfortable, always awkward, always a bit of a lie.

Being you – your all-around, beautiful, best you – is a confident place to be. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, that shines bright like a beacon to those around you, even in the online spheres. And when you are confident in and comfortable with you are, that reflects on your business, too. It makes it easier to believe in the true awesomeness and value of your business, and share that value with others in a genuine, open, and honest way.

photo by Jesslee Cuizon
On the Inside, It’s About Clarity

Being yourself means knowing yourself – and a solid connection to your true self is the key to making rock star business decisions. Yeah, this is the old-fashioned “go with your gut” rule, but it’s not about being reckless or taking immediate action. Going with your gut is an acknowledgement that you are the best judge of what you need to do next. A true sense of clarity comes from your internal compass: the combination of your intuition and your values, desires, goals, and needs.

So when you’re considering the next step in your business, trying a new technique, following an action plan from an e-course, or whether or not to implement that next big idea, it’s clarity that’s going to help you decide if it’s right for you.

And Across the Board, It’s About Ease

Being someone else is exhausting. Following a path that’s right for someone else? Even more so.

Frankly, business is hard. It’s work piled on work with a side of work sauce and an extra order of deep-fried work. Why not make it easier on ourselves if we can?

Whether it’s a blogging schedule or a client roster, a business strategy or where to buy your office supplies, if the decisions you make are true to who you are and what you stand for, and you can be completely unabashedly you with the people you’re surrounded by, your world becomes an easier, more beautiful place to work and live in.

You’re more likely to stick with those decisions and plans you’ve made, too, when you can throw your full weight, intentions and energy and oomph, behind them. And that’s super-good for your business. It’s the momentum you need to propel your business in the direction you want it to go.

And hey – those things that you’re doing now, that you trudge through or avoid, but they’re on your list because you think you should do them, be them, act that way, meet those benchmarks?

Scratch those. right now. There’s always another way.

Dani Nelson is a geek and a hippie with a mouth like a sailor and a passion for helping smart, creative entrepreneurs make their businesses better. Her secret ingredients? Strategy, tenacity, tasty beverages, and two unshakeable beliefs: that you (yes, you) have awesome shit to share with the world, and that marketing doesn’t have to suck.


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