The girl named Blue

Dead center
The eye catcher
Surrounded by bystanders and passers
A little girl sits quiet
Apparently doing nothing

With her bright blue sweater
That perfectly matches how she wears her eyes.
Almost like the sky was placed in the face of this innocent soul

A dangling untied shoe lace
Escaping from the surface of her shoe
Tongue sticking out
Concentrated on showing it a proper way home again

I stand there and witness how people pass and how they just stand there
Leaving this girl alone
So I decide to help
Go over and introduce myself

To help her on her way
She smiles and says
thank you but I can manage myself
I insist on helping
But again she refuses my offering
This time she replies
It’s fine I like sitting here
With a challenge of my own
I can take in all the love
And then I can share it when the seasons gets cold.

I looked at her and replied
people only passing by
And none of these guys standing here
Has yet to look you in the eyes

The girl smiled

But you came over
Offering your kindness
From all the love you have inside
And all the people passing by
Have offered me a thousand smiles
And if it weren’t for these people just standing here
I would never have stood out in the crowd
And you would probably passed right by me too. 
Everything matters in the bigger picture
You saw helpless and lonely
I felt loved and challenged
And now I was able to share it with you

The warmest colour in the crowd was blue

Espen Stenersrød is a Norwegian writer and poet from Oslo.
With two poetry collections behind him (Diary of poet,2012 and Lifecycle in Nihighnigma, 2013) he is now working on a novel and a new poetry collection.
His poetry has been described as unique, attention grabbing and memorable.
Espen enjoys writing deep, insightful poetry that examines the human condition from both a modern and universal perspective, balancing between hope and beauty and darkness and mystery.

Check out his website and buy his poetry collections on Amazon 

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