The Fine Art of Creating Space

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

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The Fine Art of Creating Space

The mind has a lot to say. Speak. Blather on about nothing and everything all at once. The ego wants to figure. The critic wants to protect you from all sorts of scenarios. Your inner children need love. The chatter is constant. Not to mention your feelings. Present always. Sometimes surging. Sometimes quiet. Easy. Challenging. And the creations. The things you make in the physical world. They pile on top of each other. Unfinished. Unclear. Somedays it feels as if the world is small. Each step littered with more and more.

For all that stuff, you may still feel lack. Lack of time. Of energy. Of the beautiful spacious experience in which we can create and re-create in, time and again.

Space is vital for consciously crafting a magnificent life. A life where you are not toppled over by the waves of the world. Where there is ample room to think, create, dream, play, receive.

Space begins with the breath. Your breath. Coming back to the gentle rhythm that you create. That you carry. It is the pulse of a spacious experience. When in doubt, breathe.

Intention comes next. Set the intention to experience greater spaciousness in your life. Allow it to show up. Find the small pockets. Luxuriate in them. Following the breadcrumbs will always lead to amazing treasures.

Claim dominion over your experience. Spaciousness is your responsibility. When life crowds in on you, wonder why. How does that old pattern of clutter serve you? Maybe it is just wonderful. Maybe it’s an well worn coping tool, ready to be updated by wonderful care and renewed action.

Soften rather than push. Wonder rather than figure. Love rather than process. Things come up. Thoughts. Beliefs. People. When we push, we strengthen whatever we are pushing against. Our againstness gets stronger too. The mental wars begin. The time spent try figure it all out is astronomical. Then the guilt ways in. Or the introspective recognizance on all the parts of yourself that you wish were different. You may even set out to fix… processing the heck out of each aspect without them ever knowing how amazing they actually are.

You can soften. Your heart. Your belly. Your breath. You can see what it would be like not to push so hard against that which you do not like. Often it allows you to finally stop engaging in cycle of aggravation. You can then, if you desire, cultivate an experience of wonderment. Allowing your mind to play without the pressure of having to know all of the answers all of the time. From there you can love. Fully. Unconditionally. Love yourself. Love others. It is all the same. Love clears the way for amazing acts of creativity. Love makes space.

Finally, become willing to sit in the unknown. Space is both empty and overflowing with the possibilities of all of existence. It can be challenging to simply be in the spaciousness, without wanting to fill it with protective padding. Your clutter… mental, physical and otherwise, does not protect you. It just makes moving forward more challenging… it makes leaping more difficult. But it does not fortify you from those outrageous slings and arrows.

Know that space will be filled. It is designed to. Fill it carefully. Magnificently… with that which you love. Then take the time to create space once again.

Jo Anna Rothman, MA is an intuitive coach and facilitator of The Receiving Project. She revels in assisting people in falling in love with their lives. She is committed to living a life full of pleasure, purpose and enthusiasm. And perhaps most important, she knows the secret to the perfect s’more.

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