The Co-Creative Process

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

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The Co-Creative Process

Want. Let the desire fill you. Feel the yearn in your skin.

Declare it. Out loud. To the mighty universe. To your amazing self. To the people who love and cherish you. ?No need to perseverate. No need to try and make your ask perfect.


You are heard.

Clearly. Loudly. When the ache of needing it now comes forward, take a breath. Remind yourself that you have been heard. Come back to the present.

The present is where the clues are dropped. The gifts are delivered.

The present is where the breadcrumbs reside…the ones that show up when you least expect them and take you to amazing heights.

The now is where you can see with clarity that there is a path that is being conjured for you. Just for you. And everyone else too. It’s amazing like that.

Opportunities will be offered. Take them. Each time. Take them. Even if they are small. Take them. Don’t overlook anything. Pebbles lead to paths lead to adventures lead to something way better than you ever knew that you were asking for. Walk through the openings when see them. Walk through them even if you can’t.

Learn to listen to the murmurs of your soul. To your knowing. The wisdom that comes to you. At you. Ask yourself if the whispers feel alive. If they do, they are of the grandness expressing itself through your experience. If they feel coated in dull fear and restless control, they are born of old stories and patterns you hold inside of yourself. Do the work to drop them. Or love them back into the wholeness. Cultivate a space to receive what is being given to you.

There will be a moment. Many moments. Times when you must surrender your will for thine. Where you won’t know how to get from here to there. Don’t stop. Not now. Not then. Not when it is hard. When you lose sight of the gold. When the stories of why you can’t do it begin to flood the road you are walking on. There is no reason to let go. Keep on. That is the trust. The trust that you must have when you stand forth in the great desire of a lifetime. Stop pretending that you know every twist and turn. Give it up to the process that is greater than all of us put together. Keep creating, knowing that everything is delivering you to the place that will serve you best. Keep walking, knowing that this is the journey of a lifetime.

I’m Jo Anna. Jo Anna Rothman, MA if you are being fancy. I’m a Wizardess of love. Mistress of change. Conjurer of Electric Creative Wholeness.

I am here to invite and inspire you to live the best human experience ever. I connect folks to their soul, their purpose, their absolute and amazing joy. I coach. I write. I facilitate the amazing Receiving Project.  Most of all, I have a damn good time!

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