The Bullies

Spewed accusations
Superficial hate
Harmed reputations
Closed the gates

Fiction became fact
Up until cross-checked
Time and spirit hacked
Hope was kept

Kind over matter
Truth above their lies
Limit the chatter
Hear their cries

There is an ending
That offers all peace
Breaking not bending
They come clean


Natalie welcomes your feedback and stories about the bullies in your life. Did someone cause you so much harm that it hacked into your spirit and made you question yourself? Have faith that you will overcome this temporary situation.

You can contact Natalie via email.

natalie smith
Natalie Smith is a Philadelphia based Marketing Strategist with over 15 years of digital marketing experience. Her work is focused on helping small businesses level the playing field in visibility and reach. Her passion is to do the same for people from all walks of life. Follow Natalie on all the socials @PaperAirplaning or email her.

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