The B Word

No, not that B word, but one that often elicits fear and loathing (and not just in Las Vegas)!


How does the word make you feel? Do you feel empowered? Embarrassed? Afraid? Annoyed?

I used to feel really uncomfortable around the B word, and truth be told, there are plenty of times that I still do…but I have learned how important boundaries are and how much happier I am when I’m setting them.

Boundaries are what allow you to enjoy yourself doing the things you want to do. Boundaries are what allow you to maintain balance and ask for what you need. Boundaries are what allow you to take care of yourself, so you can fully show up for others.

Here’s a little story about me and boundaries.

Before Boundaries: I worked a demanding job, went to grad school, said yes to everyone, did what anyone needed…and resented all of it. I often wondered why no one was there for me like I was for them.

After Boundaries: I work really hard. I teach new coaches. I say yes to things I really want to do. I say yes to down time. I genuinely enjoy the things I do and my relationships are very balanced.

I let go of a lot of the self-imposed responsibility I was carrying around, and learned that when I show up for myself, I’m showing up for others in a much better way. Yes, it’s still hard. Yes, I still mess up and end up feeling overwhelmed or resentful sometimes, but those feelings are now my clues that my boundaries are out of whack.

Where’s 1 place you can start to set a boundary? Where are you feeling resentful or annoyed? Try just 1, and see how you feel. Start your own before and after story.


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