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Post by Allie Sheetz for the Love for Love series.

You guys know The Secret, right? Your thoughts attract your reality. You are the creator of your own destiny. You have the power to create everything you’ve ever wanted. Who wouldn’t want to jump on board that train? I was certainly all for it. But for whatever reason, I always came up short on creating the life of my dreams. Anyone else run into that?

The desire was there. The intention was there. I don’t know, I think maybe I held on a little too long. You know, attachment – setting the intention to move into the house of my dreams and then relentlessly, obsessively searching high and low for the listing… only to piss and moan when it didn’t happen in my selected time frame.

Suffice it to say, my faith that the power of the Law of Attraction could work in my life faded fast. But even so, there was still this hope inside me that it could work one day. If only I could find the right key, or the right formula, or the right words or whatever.
Well, recently, I think I found that whatever, and it’s called The Magic – the sister book to The Secret. It all revolves around the magic of gratitude, and through that gratitude, I’ve found my groove.

Now I know this Attitude of Gratitude is old news, so go ahead and get all the sighs and eye rolls out of your system. I had to do the very same thing so I understand. Go on, I’ll wait.

…You done? Okay, good, because it is WORK-ING (I wish there was some font to signify the high-pitch tone of voice there, superscripts maybe). This one tiny little practice I’m gonna share with you guys is seriously The Tops. And a lot of you probably already do it in some fashion, and therefore already receive everything you’re grateful for without even realizing it! Allow me to explain…

So (mostly) every night for the past few weeks what I’ve been doing is just open up a little blank Word document and typing out 10 things I feel grateful for in this template:
“I feel grateful for _______. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Most times I’ll even write the reason I’m thankful – that gives the practice a little extra boost. Like: “I’m thankful for my mom, for always supporting and encouraging my dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Then I go back through and read them, feeling each one, then delete the document. Goodbye. And what happens next just continues to blow my mind every single day.

Everything I feel gratitude towards – more of it just shows up in my life! Even things I didn’t have before. If I pretend it already exists and say thank you for it, it just shows up!

So I’ve been playing a fun little game of Call and Response with the Universe lately and every day it is blowing my mind – more money flowing in, healthier/happier relationships, sleep! But the one little gift I want to share with you guys today is about (duh) animals.

First, a brief background. Somewhat late in my undergraduate days, I decided I wanted to go to vet school once I graduated. I took the science courses, jumped through (most) all the hoops, but when I was doing my internship, I sat in on enough surgeries to realize I couldn’t be the one to do that. This would have been fine because, ultimately, I wanted to be a homeopathic vet who wouldn’t do surgeries. But there was no way around them in vet school. So… that dream went at least on the backburner. Only to be revisited a couple of years later.

Animals are still obviously a huge love of mine, and I still dream of working with them someday, so over the summer, I started to test the waters again. Nothing big, just hanging out at my small-town vet’s office, putting in a few spare hours of shadowing here and there.

But this really wasn’t solving anything for me, and I didn’t see how it could even evolve into anything more. Until, I started saying thankful for the little time I did get with the vet, the little that I did learn.

And what do ya know? One of the administrative workers has to have surgery next week and will be out for 4-6 weeks. Could I fill in? Could I get paid (cha-ching!) to fill in? And then beyond that, they’re looking for another full-time employee.
Yes, yes, and yes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It might not be the full-blown veterinarian position of my dreams, but it’s closer than I was and gosh darn it, I’ll take it!

So the takeaway? I think you probably already learned from your Mama, say Thank you.


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