Ten Ways to Practice Yoga While Traveling

Many people enjoy traveling to see different parts of the world, try new foods and learn about other cultures. If you’re a yogi at home, you can still practice yoga while on the road. Here are some great ways to stay centered and focused on your yoga practice during your travels.

1. Use public spaces

Don’t be shy about your yoga practice. It’s actually quite liberating to practice in public. Try for some simple poses in the airport during a long layover or in preparation for a long flight. Breathing exercises are also an excellent way to prepare for a longer flight.

2. Develop a playlist

You can create a yoga playlist on your phone. Build yourself a soundtrack of soothing music for the journey which will help you breathe in and out slowly and deeply. This can clear your mind and energy and help you reach a calmer state of mind. While traveling on planes, trains or buses you can put a couple of drops of essential oil, like lavender, on your scarf which will ground and relax you.

3. Utilize your third eye

You want to boost your awareness and be more present when you’re sightseeing. This focus will help you be more aware of what’s around you, as well as your own experience with your current state. When you focus on two types of awareness it becomes easier to stay present and not get lost in your surroundings.

4. Have a daily Sadhana routine

Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice to get in touch with your most authentic self. The best time to practice it is between 4 and 7 am when your mind is at rest. No matter how long you spend on Sadhana, include breathing exercises, meditation or yoga.

5. Try yoga before bed

You may be struggling to sleep well on the road when you’re constantly in different beds and surroundings, jet lagged and being somewhere new. Try some restorative yoga like knees to your chest, legs up the wall, a simple seated pose with crossed legs or a seated supported forward bend. This practice each night will help you sleep deeper and feel better the next morning.

6. Pack a yoga mat

Why not just bring your yoga mat with you on your travels? It can double as a comfortable place to read in a park and you may be able to find a nice space in nature to practice your yoga.

7. Show your gratitude

Don’t feel guilty if you skip a day of yoga because traveling is about more than that. Practice gratitude each day instead by mentally thanking everything and everyone. It will make you more open-minded and happier throughout your travels.

8. Do yoga in bed

If you don’t have a mat, consider practicing yoga in bed, especially if you’re backpacking and staying in hostels. When you’re lying in bed, bring a knee to your chest one at a time and balance your hips. It helps to do various poses so you can release the tension from all the walking you’ve done. You can also do the Savasana pose (a practice of gradually relaxing one body part at a time, one muscle at a time and one thought at a time) to relax while listening to a guided meditation on your smartphone.

9. Look for a class near you

Look online to see if there’s a yoga or meditation class where you’re traveling. It can be really inspiring to learn from a different teacher. You could even get a great yoga language practice if the class is held in a foreign language.

10. Teach yoga

You might want to consider teaching yoga to those around you while you’re on the road. You can also donate your time or energy if you’re not a yoga teacher. You can spend time with children, in nature, or with animals to have a blessed and mindful experience of serving others.

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