Techniques to Try When You’re Overwhelmed and Stressed

Long work hours, endless to-do lists and the constant presence of screens exacerbates stress. We often prioritize our obligations over caring for ourselves.

Making a change is essential, but you may not know how. This list of techniques to try when you’re overwhelmed and stressed will help improve your overall well-being.

Consume a Nourishing and Delicious Meal

You’re often not thinking about food when your thoughts overwhelm and burden you. You may have a poor appetite, continuously snack and call it a day.

It’s no secret that the fuel we put into our bodies directly impacts how we feel. One of the best ways to reset and recharge is to nourish your body properly with a tasty, well-rounded meal. Choose something that is high in protein and fiber. Most importantly, the meal should be something that you love.

Stay Hydrated and Refreshed

The skin can communicate information about your health including whether you’re dehydrated. Water is essential to our overall well-being, but it’s easy to forget to drink enough throughout the day. This lack of hydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, anxiety and poor concentration.

Buy a new water bottle that you take everywhere! It will serve as a constant reminder to stay hydrated. Add fresh fruit like berries or lemon slices for a flavorful infusion to make the beverage more enjoyable.

Try 15-Minute Exercises

Busy days may mean you don’t have time to go to the gym. Your mind races with all the exercises you should be doing and it only makes you feel worse.

Take a small step forward by incorporating 15-minute exercises into your daily routine. These can be anything you want: an ab circuit, yoga or even dancing!

Find something that piques your interest. Once you get into this quick exercising routine, the body will regularly release endorphins to reinvigorate the mind.

Treat Yourself with Your Favorite Skincare Products

Substantial stress can lead to breakouts, dry skin and a dull complexion. You deserve to pamper yourself.

Carve out dedicated time to care for your skin for physical and emotional relief. Use a face mask, exfoliate the skin or apply a facial oil to make your skin glow.

Engage in Activities Away from a Screen

Screens are everywhere! They’re at work, in your back pocket and at home. Replying to emails, social media apps and reality TV shows all require a screen.

Embark on a new activity if you’ve been stuck in the habit of too much screen time. Paint-by-numbers, puzzles, board games, journaling or even shopping are some great ways to take your mind off the pressure you feel.

Along with these techniques, remember to be kind to yourself. Implementing each idea at once isn’t a must. Try one at a time. Give yourself time and space to improve your mental health. Gradually you’ll begin to feel better.

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