Teach them how to love

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Ever heard the expression “monkey see, monkey do”? I hear it most often said about little kiddos who are just learning to talk and becoming the teensiest bit independent. Inevitably, instead of doing what their parents tell them to do, they mimic and repeat what they hear and see.

Gotta tell ya, I think that sticks with us more than we realize. My husband picks up speech mannerisms of people he’s talking to on the phone, I tend to pick up the energy of the people I’m talking to, and sure enough, my energy follows suit. It’s no different than the little kid copying mommy’s or daddy’s actions. It’s human nature. We learn what we’re shown.

Want to teach love to kids or friends or family or coworkers or strangers on the street? Show it to them. Be the one person that smiles at the supermarket cashier on a busy day. When you’re so frustrated you can’t see straight, instead of exploding with anger, take a breath and respond calmly. There are so many ways to show love and I people notice it. They are often surprised by it, and yes, they even learn from it.

Love is the greatest force on this planet. It’s bigger than fear, bigger than doubt, bigger than you and me. What better gift to the world, than teaching it. Show some love. Start with you.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

?, Lara

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