Talk to yourself as you would to someone you love

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Ever stop to listen to how you interact with yourself? When you make a mistake, or break a glass or trip and fall… What does your internal self say? Is she comforting, kind and loving, or does she tend to be more judgmental, harsh and belligerent?

I’m doing a lot of work on how I want to feel, how I want my life to feel, and making choices and decisions to support that. One thing that’s become very clear, is I want to feel loved and supported by that voice inside me.

I started by simply noticing how I speak to those I love, versus how I speak to myself. Not surprisingly, there sure is a difference!

With those I love, I have a much easier time forgiving, understanding and reminding them that their flaws are OK, even beautiful.

With me, what I noticed was very different. I tend to instantly fall into self-judgement and criticism. …and those things are really beneficial, right?

Not so much.

So I had my data. I treat those I love better than I treat me. I also had my desire to feel differently and was committed to it!

The beautiful thing about noticing behaviors and patterns, is that you know what you’re working with and what to be on the lookout for. I know, now, that I tend to jump to self-judgement, I know what that voice sounds like, and I know what she sounds like with those I love. That knowledge is power, and I can use it to catch myself in those moments, and make the choice to talk to myself as I do to those I love.

Give some love to you this week.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.
?, Lara

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