Taking the Space to Find & Share Your Spirit’s Calling With the World

Post by Satya Colombo for the Kindness in Business series.

Freedom to be. Just down the road from where I live, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Taking the Space to Find and Share Your Spirit’s Calling With the World

A few years ago when I first started getting serious about sharing my creative work online I thought I’d take the world by storm and blow everyone away. I’d seen some creative bloggers do really well in building a huge audience around their heart’s calling and I figured I could do just as well or better!

When the rubber hit the road, though, it sometimes felt like I was shouting into world’s biggest echo chamber. “Hellooo WORLD…this is amazing, can’t you see…?!” Not a nice feeling.

Over time I developed new approaches to getting more attention and creating content that people would really respond to. I started to judge my own work by the amount of tweets on it, and even began competing with myself to see how many shares I could get. “Wow — 63 tweets on that post, that’s a record, I’m finally getting the recognition I deserve!” Or even worse, “Oh no, only 7 Likes, people are going to think I’m a loser and my work sucks….”

Earlier this year, though, something changed in a big way. I took off on the journey of a lifetime to Central America in search of a better way of life. I was tired of how I had been living the past few years — always pushing hard to stay on top of my business, build my audience and get more attention! I wanted to carve a new path for my life — to find the real gold in my heart of hearts and create a truly authentic way of living.

I disconnected from my creative work online and spent weeks at a time away from the blog. I played my ukulele a lot, I learned how to surf, I fell in love, I lived the best days I’d ever lived…in short, I took the space for life.

After several months of taking space for my spirit’s flow I gradually began to come to a new appreciation of my creative work, and especially the small community of beautiful, mindful, conscious people who were there to listen and receive my work, and help me stay grounded in my truth.

One day a couple months back I felt so much gratitude in my heart for this group of people being there to receive this truth that I wrote a short piece to thank them from my deepest heart for just being there. The next day I woke up to find that instead of 20 tweets I had gotten 20 emails in response! THAT was a moment of truth.

Through all this I’ve learned to treasure and cherish my own work, and to feel in my heart when I’m veering off course.

The result is I now have so much more creative freedom and space to be myself and enjoy the flow of the universe coming through me in my work, no matter what happens or how it is received. (Which — bonus — also makes for better work.)

I’ve learned to notice when I’m not resonating with myself, and when others are not resonating also. Then I readjust course as I go. I’m relearning how I do everything so in a lot of ways I’ve been starting new again! Now I have the chance to do it right, and build that core resonance into the very foundations of my work.

The bottom line is this:

Don’t do stuff just because it makes you look good, or it gets you noticed, or because you think people will like it that way. Do it because your spirit is calling to speak through you, and because you’re committed to living your truth. And because you love it.

When you commit to listening to your heart and following the call of your spirit — and take consistent action in alignment with that — you open the space for unbelievably magical and mystical occurrences in your life! Invisible hands come in to clear your path, and angels appear in many forms to catch you when you fall.

Sometimes you just need to give your work and the people surrounding you a little space to grow alone. As you evolve in your own self-connectedness and inner strength your work does too. So when you allow yourself the space to release how things should look — and what you’re “supposed” to be doing at any given time — you’re also supporting your greatest work.

This evolving and allowing — this is the work that really matters. It’s the core of everything we do, and every print we leave on earth.

I’m still on the journey in Central America, and every day opens new wonders and challenges for my life and creative work, but it feels like I’ve finally found the great treasure of my heart to carry home. There’s a lot of love in here, and a lot space for the world!

Satya Colombo is a healer, explorer, ukulele aficionado and web consultant in love with life. He is currently venturing into uncharted territories with a group of Soul-Fire Walkers in the inaugural Fire of Love Experience: To ignite our hearts with passion, do our great life’s work and live a hot-damn beautiful life!

(Rumor has it there may be a few spots left to pay what you can + feel and apply to join this remarkable community lifting off Monday, September 17th!)


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