Take your own advice

Post by Kaneisha Northern for the Kind Kindred series.

image courtesy of Ed Schipul on Flickr

As women we have the natural ability to encourage, inspire, and influence the dreams, aspirations and hardships of those who are in our environment. When someone admires you enough to seek your mentorship, it gives you a sense of pride, but do we take that to heart? Considering that we often find ourselves reaching out to individuals who we trust to provide counsel, I would say no. We seek counsel without giving consideration to our own opinions.

It is endearing to know people trust you enough to apply your words of wisdom to their life. As I have found, this remarkable feeling is also evident when you make someone you do not know cry from joy because your words of encouragement were exactly what they needed to hear.

I had not kept in mind that the day might arise when I would need to embrace my very own advice. This revelation allowed me to become a better and more resourceful tool for others and, of course, myself.

When we face emotionally difficult times, we generally don’t apply the same advice to ourselves as we do to others. Even if we must go through emotional, physical, spiritual, or financial worries; we all need an understanding of ourselves. Knowing that we are attentive to who we are, or who we hope to grow into, can speak volumes about our self-worth.

While working to take care of your own emotional desires, consider your response to others around you. While reflecting on this, you have the benefit of becoming an expert on how to address your own problems. Hearing from others is absolutely therapeutic, but remember that your self-advice is not insignificant! Going through adjustments may take time. It’s evident that women deal with turmoil regardless of age, education, social status, job title, etc.; so always remember to listen to you!

Raised in Hollywood, CA., Kaneisha is an award winning social cause contributor that was honored in 2011 as a Hero of Hollywood by the Hollywood Chambers of Commerce. She has overseen initiatives for women and girls that allow participants to discover the change agent passions that they are dedicated to. After facing multiple sclerosis in 2010, her journey with the distressed condition pushed her closer into demonstrating selfless practices that have been supported by communities that she has encountered.

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