Sweet Something

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Inspired by the Shari’s Berries Sweet Something campaign, I wanted to share a Sweet Something that I was lucky enough to witness a couple of weeks ago. 

My husband and I were out for dinner at a restaurant we’d been wanting to try for years. There were a couple of gentleman sitting at a table close to us (the restaurant was teeny tiny!), and we struck up a brief conversation. About half way through our dinner, a couple of women walked in and were seated at the table next to the gentlemen. One of the women appeared to be undergoing chemo. She had the sweet starts of hair regrowth and a bandage on her arm, but was clearly well enough to enjoy a nice meal out.

I excused myself to go to the restroom, as the 2 gentlemen were finishing their meal. As I came out, I overheard one of the men talking to the server about paying for dinner for the 2 women seated next to his table.

For  those of you who don’t know, my husband has a tendency to do Random Acts of Kindness (#RAoK) and secretly pick up the tab for fellow diners. I walked back to our table, and told my husband that someone beat him to the punch! I shared what I overheard, and we smiled, because he was planning to do the same.

What I loved about this Sweetness, was actually getting to see a #RAoK in process AND that my husband had the exact same idea.

Seeing these Sweet Somethings really restores my faith in the world. I know that there is still plenty of bad out there, but I also know there is plenty of good, kindness and Sweetness, too.

Inspired yet? Share your Sweet Something the comments below! Whether it’s something you did, saw or overheard, I’d love to fill this page with Sweetness!

?, Lara

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