Surrogacy And The Blessing Of Life

Having a child of your own is probably one of the most fulfilling things in the world. Having your mini-me walking and prancing and galloping around is a very adorable sight to see. For some couples, having a child creates a stronger bond between them. It makes them even more connected.

However, not all couples are able to bear children naturally, that is without the help of assisted reproduction procedures like surrogacy or in-vitro fertilization. This usually occurs when one or both of them have fertility problems (like being sterile or having a low sperm count).

This situation also arises in homosexual relationships wherein the intended parents are both men or both women. Obviously, the solution is either adoption or surrogacy. Some couples choose to adopt and others choose to have a surrogate parent.

If you are a woman who is healthy and fertile, you can become a surrogate mother and share the blessing of life to couples who are in need of your help. Basically, surrogacy is a legal arrangement wherein a surrogate mother comes into an agreement with another person or persons who are to become the legal parent or parents of the child.

Before deciding to be a surrogate mother, you first need to check the qualifications and laws in your area. Do your research and inform yourself of the important matters regarding surrogacy fully and sufficiently before taking on the journey to becoming a surrogate mother.

There are many ways to do this. You can check your local library for books surrounding surrogacy. It is also worth stressing that since the USA is a federal nation, laws and regulations regarding this vary from state to state. If you are from Washington for example, you can find out more about surrogacy laws in your state by specifically searching for it in the library or on a reliable website on the internet.

So, here comes the vital question: Why choose to become a surrogate mother? The simple answer is because you want to bless others through becoming a surrogate mother for them. The capacity to bear a child is a blessing and gift which is a miracle in itself. Indeed, the gift of life is worth sharing.

If you were to share this gift with others, you will not only gain satisfaction in knowing that you have been an instrument for someone’s dream coming true but you would also gain their lifelong gratitude and thankfulness.

The qualifications for being a surrogate mother differ from state to state and from one institution to another. Commonly, the woman intending to become a surrogate mother goes through a series of medical, physical and mental examinations.

To become a surrogate, the woman should be at least 18 years old (some states have a different age requirement). The woman must also have previously given birth to a child to qualify for being a surrogate mother. Moreover, her decision to become one must be voluntary since this is a lifelong commitment which requires unconditional dedication and devotion.

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