Surrender to the Heart

Post by Lisa Sarick for the Love for Love series.

Surrender to the Heart

Here are an interfaith minister-yogi-mama’s thoughts on religion.

It is my intention to inspire us to feel more, think less, to question rules, and to Love.

Religion can be wonderful community, guidance and support. It can also be divisive and harmful.

Rules can keep us in our head. In our head are limits and differences.

In our hearts is union. In our hearts is truth.

May our hearts guide us to evolve to be more open and peaceful as a species.

Llama Surya Das spoke at my seminary and said that:

You may need a raft to get across the river, but you don’t have to carry it with you when you get to the other side.

Love and blessings.

Lisa Sarick is an interfaith minister, yoga teacher and spiritual guide. She leads people who want peace to the freedom beyond their minds, into their own Heart. She sees clients 1-on-1 virtually and in person, officiates ceremony, and heads up yoga classes, sanghas and Moon Circle, a monthly online gathering for women friends. She blogs, tweets and posts too.


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