Strengthen your foundation

As Spring starts to peek out on the East Coast of the US, I’m noticing myself creating more opportunities for coziness. I’m gravitating toward softer clothes, warm beverages, and snuggly blankets.

Coziness is a feeling I crave, even in the warmer months, and it’s one of the things that makes me feel cared for and calm. I love to sit outside when it’s cooler, and be as close to a fire as possible! I’ll take a blanket on the beach in the evening, and¬†want blankets on the bed even in the Summer.

Creating that feeling keeps me grounded and centered. It’s part of what makes my foundation strong. An analogy I use a lot is that if you have a beautifully decorated house that sits on a cracked foundation, it will eventually crumble. Some coziness helps me keep that foundation strong so that whatever I decide to build, is starting out strong.

That strong foundation is a big part of what I help my clients create. Coziness may not be something that’s important to them, so we figure out what is.

Maybe for you, it’s quality time with loved ones, movement, or a certain amount of sleep. Think of the conditions that are present when you’re feeling your best – those are what make your foundation strong.

Like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we all have foundational things that we need to be at our best. After all, you can have the most beautifully decorated house, but if it’s built on a cracked foundation, the beautiful upper levels will eventually crumble.

Think about your foundation. What makes it strong? Are those things built into your life on a regular basis? How can you incorporate them more often?

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