Stop Pushing So Hard

Give yourself a moment, right now, to pause. Take a breath. How does your body feel? Are your shoulders up at your ears? Is your jaw clenched? Is your stomach uneasy?

Take another breath and let any of those places where you feel tension relax.

What if you just got to be wherever you are today? What if you didn’t have to be better, or change, or fix anything? What if you could simply relax into who you are, at this moment in time, and stop pushing so hard?

How does that feel to you?

I’ll share that when I offer those moments to myself, my body feels relief. It feels loose and grounded and clear. Grounded clarity sure sounds like a good place to be; and when you’re ready, it’s the best place to take action from.

The world can feel like it’s moving at a zillion miles an hour and you can’t keep up; but you should keep up, and what about XYZ things to do, and this to know, and, and, and…

You can choose to stop pushing so hard, even for a moment, and still move forward. You can stop pushing so hard and still make decisions. What if the decisions you make from this place are better than those made from the place of tension?

Give yourself these moments of rest and acceptance. Yes, because they’ll help you move forward and make decisions from a good place, AND more importantly, because you deserve them. You don’t have to push so hard.

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