Stop & Pause

You may be busy
and pressed for time,
you may be hurried
and worried again.
But don’t forget
to stop and pause,
to look around
and see the others.
People like you,
hurried and worried,
people like you
busy and pressed.
Just take a moment
to do something kind,
doesn’t have to be big,
it just has to be real.
Reach out with a smile
if you’ve got nothing else
and offer a wave
if there isn’t more time.
It’s small things like these,
simple gestures that can
make the biggest impact
in somebody’s life.

Rebekah Brielle is a quirky and passionate freelance writer who also loves to write poetry. She has been writing a daily poem since August 2013 and now has well over 1500 poems. When she’s not busy writing, she can be found cooking up something yummy to eat, reading a good book or going on epic road trips with her amazing hubby. You can connect with Rebekah on Instagram.

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