Staying grounded when the path gets rocky

It’s been a rocky path for many months. Even when the pandemic is in our rear-view mirror, there will always be moments when life gets rocky.

In those moments, how do you stay grounded? What are the things that support you? How do you come back to center, regain your footing and continue moving forward?

Think about a recipe. If you want to make banana bread, for example, you need a list of ingredients. You’ll need flour, sugar or honey, baking powder, baking soda, bananas of course and maybe some nuts or chocolate. You’d have a list of ingredients that you know will create banana bread when they’re combined.

If you want to create a feeling of being grounded, you need ingredients.

Just like there are about a zillion different recipes for banana bread (and I have a Pinterest board that proves that!), there are a zillion different recipes for staying grounded. We’re all different and need different things to feel our best; but just like every recipe for banana bread needs bananas, every recipe for feeling grounded needs 1 thing: choosing you.

Choosing you, even when the road is rocky, looks like making the time to access the ingredients from your recipe. Choosing you might mean asking for some support or accountability around this, too.

Spend some time learning your ingredients. What habits, activities or choices make you feel your best? Get really curious. Create your recipe. Use it every day and especially use it when the road is rocky.

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