Stay in the Room

Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

photo courtesy of Carolyn Coles on Flickr

One of the Cardinal Rules in Bikram Yoga is to stay in the room. This means that it doesn’t matter that it is hot as balls. It doesn’t matter if you have to pee. It doesn’t matter that you feel like you’re going to pass out and it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable you get…you stay in the room. Nothing else matters…you don’t have to do the postures “correctly” – you don’t even have to do them at all. You do have to stay in the room.

Recently, one day it truly was hotter than hell in that room. It’s normally 105 and it must have been 115. The instructor was new…and new instructors seem to be a little more militant. People were dropping like flies, literally half the class stayed in savasana (a little break where you’re supposed to let it all go and breathe) for 24 of the 26 postures. People were leaving the room. Somehow I managed to stay in the room.

Fast forward, I was in a heated disagreement with a loved one. My first inclination is always to say “f— this, I’m outta here.” This time however, I managed to stay. Just like with the yoga, it was imperfect and it was uncomfortable, but we both stayed and worked it out. Then we both metaphorically stayed in the room and took a few more savasanas over the next few days and continued do work it out.

The lessons I continue to learn from working out amaze me. Learning how strong you really are, learning to stay in the room, learning that you can gain flexibility, learning that being hungry won’t kill you. I am forever grateful for the perfection and struggles that lead me to where I am meant to be and the life I am to live.

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