Start trusting yourself

I’ve referred to myself as tightly-wound for longer than I can remember. Many of the people who come into my orbit are the same. We work hard, we over-deliver, we are all in. We also can feel anxiety, doubt every step that we take and not trust ourselves.

As I write this I’m listening to a conversation between someone who trusts themselves and someone who doesn’t yet. The conversation started out regularly enough and then there was a shift. There was enough safety for the other person to trust themselves a little bit more…and then everything changed. The energy shifted. Both people relaxed and the conversation went to a totally different level.

Everything changes when you start to trust yourself and safety is at the core. If you don’t know where to start leaning into trust, start by creating safety for yourself.

Start by noticing where you don’t speak up, and speak.
Start showing up for yourself by keeping promises to yourself and setting boundaries.
Start noticing how you feel around certain people, places and things, and spend more time around the ones where you feel best.
Start slowing down and getting curious about what you want and need.

Create safety so that you can trust yourself more. No matter what happens, trust is the piece that lets you know you’re OK.

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