Spreading Kindness and Positivity in the Office

Creating a culture of kindness and positivity in the office is not something that you can achieve overnight. It requires long-term commitment and participation from both the employees and the leaders.

As a leader, there are a few habits and actions that you can do to promote and cultivate this culture in the office. Here some things to help you get started:

1.  Lead by example

Workplace leaders have a considerable effect on the kind of work culture present in the workplace, therefore you have to be aware of the culture you promote. If you want your workplace to be a place of kindness and positivity, you have to start with yourself.

When people notice that you, as a leader in the office, continue to operate in a way that prioritizes kindness and positivity, everyone else will feel encouraged to do the same. No one will take your plea for positivity and compassion in the office seriously if you don’t do it yourself.

2.  Make meaningful conversations

When everyone has their walls up in the workplace, it is not easy to create a welcoming environment. As a leader, you should be the first to open up and start meaningful conversations with your team. By opening up first, it becomes easier for everyone to let their walls down.

Before you start live meaningful conversations, remember that it often requires an emotional or mental toll on your employees. You shouldn’t expect everyone to easily open up to you simply because you are willing to do so.

Understand everyone’s boundaries. Assure them that you are willing to have these conversations when they feel comfortable doing so.

3.  Be a good listener

You have more opportunities to be kind and cheerful to the people in your workplace when you listen to them. Being a good listener is a tremendous kindness to people, especially if they do not have that in their daily lives. Whenever you open a conversation remember to be an active listener.

Eye contact is an excellent way to let people know that you are engaged with the conversation. Avoid fiddling with anything while they are talking. It might give them the impression that you’re not really listening. Non-verbal communication, like nodding your head along with the conversation, is another way of letting people know that you are actively listening to their story.

4.  Launch an employee wellness program

It’s much easier for people to spread kindness and positivity if they are doing well in other areas of their lives. Although you cannot control what your employees do outside of work, you can encourage them to adopt healthier practices in their lives through wellness programs enacted in the office.

An employee wellness program should encourage people to improve their fitness rather than forcing them to do so. People are more likely to work on their fitness and wellness when it is easier to do so and isn’t out of their way. Therefore, launching an employee wellness program is beneficial for your employees.

5.  Show your appreciation

When your staff members achieve collective success, make sure that you show your appreciation. Going on a celebratory dinner or having pizza delivered to the office is one way to show your appreciation; however, it’s undeniable that there is nothing quite like a financial reward for a job well done.

In addition to giving collective rewards to you staff, make sure that you also recognize individuals. Public recognition of efforts is an excellent way for people to feel appreciated for their work. Whenever you can, acknowledge individual achievements.

6.  Give thoughtful compliments

Platitudes are excellent for building everyday rapport, but nothing shows genuineness more than giving thoughtful compliments. The higher you are on the corporate ladder, the more a compliment from you matters to your employees. Don’t be stingy with compliments.

The better you know your employees, the better you can tailor your compliments.

When you are close to your employees you will know which parts of their work they are most proud of.

7.  Set aside some time for fun

Happier employees make for more productive and motivated employees, so devote some time for fun in the workplace. Organizing company outings is one way to enable everyone to have fun. Plus, it gets everybody out of the office so they feel more relaxed than they would if you organized a party in the office.

When you have a culture of kindness and positivity in the workplace, it is easier for everyone to produce quality work. This requires a commitment on your part as well as consistency. The sooner you apply these techniques on spreading kindness and positivity, the sooner you will have a welcoming and kind atmosphere in the workplace.

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