Sponsor Testimonials

Thank you so much for enabling Soul Gypsy – Camp Restival to sponsor Kind over Matter recently. My stats for website visitors went through the roof; I sold products, made money and added many new email subscribers to my list. Your readers really trust your judgment and that shines through. –Rachel, Soul Gypsy

Advertising The Receiving Project on Kind Over Matter has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. I noticed a steady uptick in traffic the moment my ad appeared. And then the Sponsor Spotlight was posted!! In one day, 124 people signed up for my project! That didn’t even happen when I launched it. And the people keep coming!! It is seriously the best money I’ve spent in a while. The best part is that seriously wonderful folks signed up too! It has been a such a pleasure to connect with them. Thank you Amanda!!! –Jo Anna, The Receiving Project

Goldmine! Kind Over Matter has brought me the best people with the best hearts on the web! Website traffic has increased beyond my expectations. Advertising with Amanda is the secret weapon for attracting quality blog readers, receiving newsletter sign-ups, and growing an online community. Amanda is a complete *gem* to work with and I only have one wish – that my ad can fill up the WHOLE sidebar on KOM. Just kidding. One of my favorite features of the site is checking out all of the other amazing sponsors, too. 🙂 –Molly, Conscious|Cool|Chic

KOM ads bring me more visitors than other ads that I’ve paid 2X and 3X more money for! But more importantly – they bring me kind visitors. Sweet loving creative people who send me hugs. What’s better than that? –Andrea, ABCcreativity

Wow! My ad has been running for less than a month and I have tons of traffic coming from it… And I already picked up a new wholesale account that found me on your site! I will definitely keep advertising with you!! Thanks again!Jeri, Annabellea.com

Jenn & Amanda have been incredibly supportive throughout my time on Kind Over Matter. They exude such warmth, which comes across not only on their blog but also in the way they deal with their sponsors. They have a very loyal following who trust their judgement, and that’s reflected in the calibre of ads on the blog. It was great to be able to reach out and connect with their fans! –Susannah, Susannah Conway

As a first-time advertiser, I was nervous about the gamble & possible money loss. But as an avid Kind Over Matter reader, I knew that Jenn & Amanda would take care of me. In the 3 weeks that I’ve been advertising with Kind Over Matter, my ad has sent 176 people over to my site, has lead to multiple newsletter sign-ups & even a consultation call! I’m thrilled with the results of my ad & featured post, & just signed up for two more months at the premium rate. I love supporting Kind Over Matter, & in return, they support me! Cheesy, but true. –Michelle, When I Grow Up Coach

I get soooo many visitors from you it’s awesome!
Rachel, Bloom E-Course

We have advertised Live Life Solid with Kind Over Matter for several months now and have to say it has exceeded our expectations with increased traffic to our site! It is advertising dollars very well spent and the customer service and professionalism from Amanda & Jenn is a welcomed bonus. Hands down, it has been a very solid investment for us. –Lisa, Live Life Solid

This advertising opportunity has given me the most value for my advertising dollar and was quickly posted after purchase so the results were immediate. As long as Amanda & Jenn allow me, you’ll be seeing String-Ring under the sponsors button on the left side of Kind Over Matter blog as a permanent fixture. (permanent as in “invariably present” and not “fixed in a particular place” because the ads move and rotate for maximum exposure!) –Tina, String-Ring

I wanted to thank you so much for the giveaway you posted for me. It generated so much traffic to my site and I had several sales including an original painting! I love the message of your blog. You are sending kindness out into the world and I hope it is coming back to you both times 3! –Lori, Happiness Through Art

We won’t be extending out Art and Dreams ad because we’ve hit our make or break date.  I will say we did get a ton of traffic from your site so I know that part works!  I will definitely be keeping you guys in mind for future projects and maybe even for my personal site.Kelly, Artful Happiness

It was one of our best promotions ever — it generated a lot of views and sales.Jill, Inspiring Color