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Yoga with Nadine

Getting through the day well.

Really, that’s what I’m interested in. I didn’t have the best start ever: my childhood was…unfortunate. But, to paraphrase that Very Awesome Dude, the Dalai Lama, all of life is suffering, so you might as well be kind.

Kind to yourself, kind to others.

Oh…hang on. Isn’t that what Kind Over Matter is about too?


So that’s why I am here! I teach yoga and lead retreats in nice places where we learn, and remember, to be kind.

For me, being kind to myself means doing yoga. It means accepting my body just as it is, significant ass and all. It’s about eating in a way that makes me feel nourished, not starved, not overfed.

It’s about getting enough sleep. About setting intentions for living my life. About examining why I do things, without judging myself. (That’s called Svadhyaya is fancy-Sanskrit-speak. You know, in case you wanted to toss some jargon around.)

I’d love it if you joined me for yoga, or discussion, or just to hang out on Facebook!

If, of course, you don’t live anywhere near me (I’m in Melbourne, Australia) we might have to get our yoga on by DVD, or through my yogAttitude Cards & Workbook…

Oh, and? I have an awesome pre-release special on my DVD!

$22 gets you the DVD, with free postage to you wherever you are in the world once it releases (estimated release date 24 Jan) as well as a special extra bonus: my Art of Observation e-Book, worth $19 all on its own!

Namaste xx


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