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Do you love to write, long to write or yearn to write more?

Word Sauce 1: Letting Go is a very supportive eight-week e-course for people who love to write, long to write or want to write more.

My name is Sophie Nicholls and my biggest passion in life is helping people to reconnect with the ‘sauce’ of their creativity, rediscover the pleasure of writing
and tell their stories.

I don’t believe that writing has to be hard or that creativity needs to be something separate from our everyday lives. Even making the smallest changes to the way that we speak our stories, or using writing to slow down and notice what feels good, can help us to rekindle a sense of fulfillment and juiciness.

You can read here about my own story of using writing to get unstuck and to heal from difficult experiences.

Word Sauce 1: Letting Go is a very supportive eight-week e-course exploring the connections between writing and being, finding your flow and letting go of unhelpful stories and beliefs that might be getting in the way of your writing and your life.

I’ll support you in developing a regular writing practice through weekly inspiration, videos, writing exercises and gentle, nurturing feedback. We’ll be writing from our bodies and our hearts (not just our heads) and reconnecting with who we really feel we are or might become – as writers and as people – rather than who we think we should or ought to be.

The next Word Sauce 1 – Letting Go course starts: 19 September 2011.
Find out more here.

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