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As creatives, it can be a slippery and sometimes scary thing to take control of our money, especially if we’re trying to make a living off our creative work. But so many of the books and websites out there about money are dry and boring, or slimy and icky, or too analytical and complicated for a creative mind to engage with.

So, how are we artist and dreamer types supposed to develop new, healthier relationships with money when most of the information out there is not speaking to us or taking our unique experiences and perspectives into account?

Well that’s all about to change, with Wild Money.

Wild Money is… a book, a journal, a visual financial glossary, a revolution.
Wild Money is for… creatives, healers, writers, entrepreneurs, innovators, dreamers, lovers and artists
Wild Money brings… hope, inspiration, practical tools, reflection, relief, insight, giggles, revelations and ultimately, peace, to your relationship with money.

Written by artist, author and Certified Financial Planner, Luna Jaffe, the Wild Money books were made by a creative especially for creatives.

When Luna started her wearable art company, Lunasilks, at the tender age of 23, she never looked back except to wonder, “why don’t I have any savings?” Wild Money is the book she wishes she had decades ago; a creative, savvy and unconventional exploration of our relationship with money, filled with vibrant color, positive images and creative exercises just for us right-brained folks.

Join our kickstarter campaign to help us see the world’s first beautiful books on money become a reality!

You can preorder your books and help a fellow creative at the same time! With just a $1 contribution you’ll receive the 2013 Wild Money calendar download featuring gorgeous paintings by Portland artist, Rebecca Owens. At higher contribution levels you’ll receive fine art prints, Luna’s e-book “Zelda’s Financial Field Guide”, and of course, the opportunity to be one of the first to get your hands on a freshly published copy of the Wild Money book and companion journal.

We need your help to reach our funding goal so that we can bring these books into reality and help create a more money savvy creative community!

Are you ready to create a new relationship with your money? We’d be so honored to have your pledge before our campaign ends on March 2nd.

Here’s to more money mojo coming your way in 2013!


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