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Wild Courage
with Stephanie Levy

Could you use a boost of self-confidence + more support for your creative ideas?

Would you like to join an international community of women who offer you practical help and encouragement?

Wild Courage is a new online course I created because I believe fear is what most often stops us from developing our creative spirits – much more than any supposed lack of “talent,” effort, money, luck, or desire.

It’s such a shame, because we all have so much to offer.

In Wild Courage, I’ll share everything I know with you about overcoming fear, finding the courage to create, and expressing your work openly to the world.

I’m an American expat who has spent years developing my courage while living abroad in Germany. That’s one of the reasons I truly value the international connections that are made possible through the Internet!

I’m also a mom to two little girls, and I know what it’s like to juggle work, family, friends, and relationships – and still try to find time to be creative!

You’ll get my deepest, truest personal stories along with practical information gathered from the very best resources to help you reach your own creative goals.

For added inspiration, I’ve collected 12 in-depth interviews with a “cream of the crop” group of talented women. These ladies will tell us their secrets about how they have learned to thrive as successful artists, authors, illustrators, bloggers, and designers.

Our guest interview contributors this session include: Kari Chapin, Maira Kalman, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Meighan O’Toole, Jess Greene, Jenny Doh, Leah Giberson, Irene Hoofs, Clotilde Dusoulier, Khristian Howell, Erin Loechner, and Katherine Center. I can’t wait to share their words of wisdom with you!

For Wild Courage, I’ve also developed new exercises to identify and break through your personal barriers and fears that may be preventing you from reaching the next level in your work.

Our topics include:

• opening the doors to add more joy, freedom, and creativity to your life

• using fear as your own personal creative compass

• why “independence” at all costs can be overrated

learning to be your own creative muse and guardian angel

• when to burn your bridges behind you, and when to cross over to the other side

avoiding digital burnout and promoting balance in your life

• why there is no such thing as security in life, only opportunity

releasing your guilt (about everything!) and increasing your productivity

• how to ditch your expectations and make your biggest creative leaps ever

an expanded bibliography for more resources and future learning

crafty fun activities, bonus videos, inspiring guest interviews – and much more!

“Stephanie’s course has been an extremely informative, fun and soul searching experience. It has given me the opportunity to be part of a wonderfully supportive community of like-minded people. I have met so many interesting artists from all over the globe, all of whom have happily extended the hand of friendship to support and encourage each other in their artistic endeavours. Thank you Stephanie for this opportunity, it has been life-changing!”Denise, UK

Wild Courage is a place for us to come together and share our ideas, struggles, and frustrations together – without fear of being judged or criticized – and it is also a place to receive helpful, practical resources, inspiration, and support.

Does Wild Courage sound like an encouraging, creative, community building opportunity for you?

Join us now and you’ll…

• enjoy 6 weeks of daily, inspiring posts + crafty fun activities

• be inspired by my 12 exclusive, in-depth guest interviews

• laugh with me in my personal Monday videos

• dig deeper with weekly exercises to download

• make connections with a community of international, like-minded, creative women who share your wish of living a richer, fuller, more colorful life

• get a giant boost of self-confidence and wild, courageous energy

Wild Courage is a unique, life-changing gift for yourself, your friends, your sister, your mother, or loved ones. Start investing in your creative, courageous future today.

We’ll begin soon on Monday, September 9th!

Spaces are very limited and we’re almost full. Don’t hesitate to register and reserve your space right now.

This is my personal invitation – from me to you – to come on over and find out more about Wild Courage HERE.

Won’t you join us? I’d love to see you in my new course!

Sending you sunny hugs today from Berlin!


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