Sponsor Love : The When I Grow Up Clubhouse

The When I Grow Up Clubhouse
with Michelle Ward (& friends!)

I can see myself in 2006 …knowing I didn’t wanna pursue acting as my career any longer but despairing that I wouldn’t be able to find my passionate, grown-up career.

I can see myself in 2008 …working a corporate job full-time and tending to my life coaching classes and clients at night.

I can see myself in 2009 …starting to blog and connect with others online, being forced to build my business online from the confines of my cubicle.

I can see myself in 2010 …a new full-time entrepreneur, collaborating on projects and working in coffee shops between clients just to feel that sense of connection and community.

I can see myself in 2011 …creating the Clubhouse for all those aspects of my former selves….for clarity, for connection, for community, for coaching… and for, of course, the creative career changer in the here-and-now who is aching for all those things, but doesn’t have thousands (or hundreds) to spend on fancy programs or one-on-one sessions.

I can see myself in 2012 …inviting you to this supportive space and hoping you take me up on it.

Click here to read what my Clubhousers are achieving (launching sites and ebooks and landing clients, anyone?) and what they have to say about being a member (i.e. “Every time I have a question, a concern, a late-night fear freakout, a desire for some you go girl energy, or just a place to brag: I go to the Clubhouse.”), to see the 12 amazeballs experts all lined up to give you unique content for 2013, to learn about the coaching calls and the exercises and the discounts and the low yearly fee and, well, more goodness.

The Clubhouse doors will close on December 5th or when all 50 spots are claimed – whatever comes first. Click here to get your (virtual) membership card.


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