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Don’t we all need to try just one more thing?

Have you been dreaming of writing a book?

Maybe you perched on a dock somewhere this summer, or swung in the hammock with a wish and a need to write about your life just burning in your heart.

Does something tug at you to tell your story, your family’s tale or to unravel the details of something amazing that took a long time to learn?

I have this idea that I know what you’re feeling, writer friend.

Have you tried almost everything to get a book started? You’ve found the beautiful notebook, bought the thinking blend of tea, reached way back in your memory for that moment that changed everything…and the pages are still blank?

At this point, you’d be grateful for a decent paragraph about kindergarten.

Am I right?

Comforting coach moment:

There are a lot of blank pages in really gorgeous journals

 on all of our bedside tables.

(and yep, we are all calling them décor items now too. High five!)

I think I can help. In fact, I know I can help because I have a lot of books under my writing belt and savor the joy of working with aspiring writers like you every day.

Question to ask yourself: Have you tried everything? Have you looked for someone to help? Have you tried letting someone with tons of experience inspire you, to nudge you in a direction of a moment in time that will pull details from your mental archives? You have a coach, mentor or teacher for your yoga, your thai cooking and your calligraphy, I’m betting. You know how useful it is to work with someone else for inspiration and direction.  It always helps, right.

How about letting my #InspiringMoments method be a guide to get you rolling?

Wherever you are in your writing journey and whether or not you realize that memoir is what you want to write, I’m here to help.

I created What’s Your Story? my signature online memoir writing course, as a self-directed pathway for everyone I meet who says…”I really want to write about my life” or is surrounded by loved ones who say “you really should write a book, you know!” It’s all online. No videos to watch when you’d rather have your pen on the page. Instead, it’s a ton of wisdom and some writing ideas that will have you moving down the page. This is not a course of random, blunt writing prompts.  This is like having a personal writing coach.

I adore the Kind Over Matter community. This year I have been featured on the site, in Wine Talk Wednesdays and some of you may have gotten an intimate snapshot of my personal struggles early in the 2016 posts.  Now I’m giving back.

Kind Over Matter peeps get HALF OFF my signature course, its juicy companion workbook and the Bundle of both. Access my gratitude for giving me a safe space. Let me help you write the story of your life.  Click HERE or on the ad over yonder at the right.

KOM is the code, y’all.

See you in there.

  Patti M Hall is a writer, memoir coach and ghostwriter whose memoir writing inspiration brand lives at http://www.pattimhall.com.  Online Patti creates inspirational content for aspiring memoirists, wannabe writers and folks who love putting pen to paper.  Patti's real home is in Canada where she lives with her two giant sons and house full of golden retrievers.

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