Sponsor Love: Unchaining your Creativity with Jayne Ifeacho

Art of Eating Pretty for Body, Beauty and Bold Art
with Jayne Ifeacho

Creativity is applying the spiritual flow of ideas, insights, and inspiration through the deliberate use of your intellect, skill and intelligence.

Being creative allows you to be the answer, to provide solutions, to choose well, to reflect with insight, transform beliefs, create art, start enterprises, influence people, cause a revolution, treat your body well, make a difference, and thrive amidst challenges. When you treat your body well it’s so much easier to deliberately harness The Creative Process.

I’m all about helping you to unchain your creativity, and part of that is putting a magnifying glass over your body and self care habits (and there’s a whole lot more).

Entrepreneur your body can reveal your best marketing plan.
Artist your body is the canvas behind your canvas.
Writer your body helps you remember a story.
Change-maker your body already knows the way.
Raging multipotentialite your body reminds you to slow down.

How you treat your body is such a great mirror for your life and your hidden thoughts about yourself. It’s a great way to observe your values in action, or notice where there may be a disconnect.

You can find out more about how you can support your creative self through food choices, values and paying attention in the Art of Eating Pretty for Body, Beauty and Bold Art. Use this pay-what-you-want link until the end of December. It is half off on my site which is still a great Christmas pressie. But if you want to pay-what-you-want go here.

I help super bright women creatives, artists, visionaries, imaginative entrepreneurs, and other fun-loving types to create an intentional life, and do their best work from their best feeling state – meditative calm; no matter how busy they are, and from their best source of knowledge – innate wisdom. This means greater creativity, youthfulness, aligned results and fulfilment, with less stress, dissatisfaction, toil and depletion.

If you are interested in a more in-depth, one to one experience working on your unique needs and priorities, the Unchained Creativity Immersion is probably the one for you. You can book a free discovery session here to find out more.

Create beauty.


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