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Hi! I’m Katy, an artist/painter who was on a corporate career path, living in Chicago, when I decided to do a 180 and pursue a life of an artist (much to my husband’s shock and dismay!).

After pursuing 2 masters (one an MA and then MFA in Art), I’ve been floundering a bit wondering where my true creative passion lies.

Studiofive10 is an attempt to recalibrate, realign and rediscover what it means to live a creative life (as a woman creating her own destiny – not being dependent on the gallery art world) and as an entrepreneur, sharing what I’m learning about life in the process.

My interests gravitate towards painting in the abstract referencing flower patterns, the organic and the interior design world – being interested in the “interior” is not lost on me! I have been extremely inspired lately of all the wonderfully talented women out there that are making a different and reaching out to one another through the blogosphere. I simply, want to be a part of this encouraging and limitless online world! And I am a firm believer that making art is essential to life and appreciating art and beauty brings necessary value to our souls.

Please check me out at Studiofive10.com because I would love to meet you and see your creative passion! I think the last 5 months have been the most inspiring incubation I’ve had in a long while because it’s showing me what’s possible when women connect together and meet one another, and share together. It’s incredibly powerful!

I’m also on Etsy (original artwork and prints), Pinterest, and Facebook.


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