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Sparrow Magazine

We are so excited to introduce Sparrow Magazine to the Kind Over Matter community. We love everything Amanda has created in this beautiful space and are totally on board for changing the world through authenticity and love.

Sparrow Magazine is a quarterly online magazine dedicated to inspiring deliberate living.

In each issue of Sparrow Magazine you will ?nd articles written by a variety of healthy, interesting, and like-minded individuals. Topics will include ?tness, healthy meal planning, the importance of creativity, organizing your home, meditation, artistic projects, and honoring your relationships. Also featured will be stories of people who took a big risk, challenge, or adventure, and reaped big rewards.

Sparrow Magazine will inspire you to live a grounded, nurtured life and push yourself to reach your highest potential. We at Sparrow believe you have to care for yourself and your home so that when the time comes, you have the energy and strength to ?y.

Why is it called Sparrow Magazine?

We call ourselves Sparrow Magazine because sparrows are known to be fastidious and productive in taking care of their nests and their ?ocks. Sparrows are also a symbol for freedom and known to ?y far away but always return, showing passion for adventure and loyalty to home.

What does “Live Deliberately” mean?

We believe that to live deliberately means to care for yourself and your home while also pushing and challenging yourself. Deliberate living means making thoughtful and conscious choices that support you in living a life in alignment with  your deepest values. When you live deliberately, you clear the path to your best life.

Meet Emilie and Kelly, the Editors

Kelly Dahl and Emilie Manhart
Kelly Weed Dahl and Emilie Brand Manhart, co-editors of Sparrow, have been friends since their elementary school years in Michigan. They remained close friends through middle school, high school and college, and are now bonded through the joys and challenges of parenting two children each while pushing themselves to reach their own goals and dreams.

Both Kelly and Emilie are committed to living deliberately, focusing on healthy, balanced living for themselves and their family. Kelly and Emilie are excited to share their passion for deliberate living with you.

Come visit our Winter issue at SparrowMagazine.com. Then be sure to come back March 1 when our beautiful Spring issue goes live.

You can also connect with Sparrow Magazine :: Facebook :: Twitter ::


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