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Denise Andrade-Kroon and Hillary Rain are offering a gorgeous, healing e-course this summer. They have poured their hearts into this soulful lovechild :: Soulsigh ~ A Sacred Blessingway

This course is designed to offer an intimate Blessingway abounding with loving rituals of gentleness, tenderness, wildness, nurture, connection to earth, and adornment to honor our re(birth) and coming h(om)e to ourselves, and to share this journey within a safe cocoon of sisters.

All creativity is birth, whether it is a creative lovechild or your own soul-awakening. In this course they honor the creative feminine and invite her to thrive, joyful and abundant within our hearts.

Both Denise and Hillary come from a story of not being able to conceive a child (yet) the way their bodies were designed to, and what emerged from their healing and being drawn to one another is honoring their bodies as capable of birthing. Birthing ideas, dreams and even their selves + souls over and over again as they move throughout life. They then had an epiphany that all women could benefit from such compassion for their souls + bodies, and ritual through the process could be a gentle way to honor it.

This course is designed for any woman who desires to birth ideas, dreams and even their(self) with deep compassion. Women with children and women without children will equally find a home within their circle and together will prepare for re(birth).

If you have more questions about the course, please visit their FAQ page.

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