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Soul Gypsy Camp Restival

Come gather around the camp fire!

Camp Restival is a resting place for women who feel disconnected from their true selves.

Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a woman with stones in her eyes who spent her days thinking, “what is wrong with me?”

One day she went for a walk. She came to a stream and saw herself reflected in the water as whole and complete.

She was so surprised by this that she blinked and the stones fell out of her eyes.

“All this time I have been asking myself the wrong question”, she thought. “Rather than asking, what is wrong with me? I should have been asking, what is wrong with the way I have been seeing myself?”.

If you have been seeing yourself as someone who is incomplete or needs fixing, Camp Restival will be a healing balm for you.

During this 6 week online course you will learn how to reconnect with your Soul Centre and create a soulful vision for your life.

You will conceive a plan that bridges from where you are now into your future, so you emerge into your fullest potential and become all you can be.

You will discover how to work through the resistances of your Scaredy Cat inner critic and learn how to quieten her miaows.

You will receive weekly worksheets and ARTsignments™ as well as get access to the Soul Gypsy online forum, which I like to think of as us gathering around the camp fire!

Join Camp Restival and become a Soul Gypsy – the most amazing version of yourself possible.

I look forward to welcoming you to camp.

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Heaps of gratitude & love for sponsoring KOM Rachel!


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