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When you decide that you need a home on the web (or that your current home on the web could use a bit of spiffing up!), it can really be a pain to figure out who to go to. The prices are all over the board, the finished work and what can be done varies widely from person to person, and you just never know what you’re getting into in general.

I know. I’ve been there!

What came out of my experience was SimplyJuicyWebsites.com

I learned to do the things that I wanted, and needed, to do in order to make a WordPress website that flows smoothly (for me and for my lovelies!)… and is simply juicy & fabulous!

My focus now is on artists (that’s you!), because I believe that artists (whether you’re an artist in the traditional sense, an artist of words, of music, or of LIFE!) are the lights by which all others see. The world would be a much darker place without you… (we need you & your light so don’t hide out, ok?)

If it’s time for you to create your online home, or to update your current online home… I’d love for you to come & check things out. You can meet me, and Ms D… and get a feel for how we work. We’d love to talk with you!

If it’s not quite time for you, but may be for someone you know, please do let them know so that they can come check us out!

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