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The Self Love e-course

When I work with my clients (I’m a holistic Kinesiologist) self love is a theme that often comes up. We all know that showing ourselves love is important, but as many of my clients say, what does it really mean? I was inspired to put together an e-course with some wonderful, wise women I have loved working with to share some practical ways you can explore self love in your daily life.

Starting on Monday 16th April 2012, join inspiring teachers in a six week journey of empowerment and discovery. You will learn about and integrate practices that will help you connect to yourself and your feelings, build self belief, feel grounded and more purposeful.

Each week will start with an interview focused on different themes such as: self love, yoga, intuition and purpose. Then each day for the rest of the week you’ll receive inspiring follow up activities and resources to help you integrate what you’ve learnt into your every day life.

I got the whole idea for this course when I was on a plane crossing Australia last year and it is exciting to see it all come to fruition. I hope you’ll feel inspired to check it out: Self Love e-course

Oh! And you can get 10% off with the code: kindovermatter

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