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Self Alignment Kit
Would you like to be able to achieve your goals more easily?

Hi I’m Kerry.

In my work as a holistic Kinesiologist I help people align their energy to their goals. It might sound a little kooky but when our energy is aligned we flow so much more easily, feel more comfortable and relaxed and can take confident steps towards our goals.

It’s what I am passionate about, and what I help people to do when I work with my holistic Kinesiology clients.

The only problem? Until now, I’ve only been able to work with one client at a time. In Melbourne, Australia.

But what if you are in New York? Or Dublin? Or at home with no way to get to a Kinesiology session?

I wanted to find a way to help you align yourself – whenever you need it.

This is why I created the Self Alignment Kit.

You can use the kit to help align yourself to your goals anytime you want.

Many of us create goals but as we know they can be difficult to achieve. Often we might be subconsciously blocking ourselves – but if we don’t know what the block is, it’s very hard to do anything about it!

In the Self Alignment Kit you’ll:

* Find out about alignment – why we get out of alignment and what I’ve learnt about creating change through working with hundreds of clients

* Have a way to find out where you’re blocked in relation to your goals

* Learn a process you can use to align yourself any time you’re feeling a bit off balance

You can align yourself to any goal.

I aligned myself to feeling comfortable being more visible before I could send this post.

Read more about the Self Alignment Kit.

What people are saying:

I’ve been seeing Kerry for Kinesiology for years: I think her work is amazing.

I can’t go and see Kerry daily, but now I can use her kit and DIY my alignment! It’s such a powerful tool: I’ve been using it every day since I got it, and incorporating the alignment process into my yoga practice.
Nadine Fawell, Yoga teacher

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