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Seeing Drala : A See-Course
For photographers and non photographers. No experience necessary.

Are you interested in the possibility of seeing the world in a fresh new way, as though suddenly you are seeing clearly for the first time? A world without any preconceived concepts of like or dislike or good or bad. Actually seeing things that you have possibly overlooked for years? If your answer is YES, then Seeing Drala Contemplative Photography can help put you on this path of a new way of seeing.

Appreciation starts to evolve with this practice of contemplative photography, not only for your sense of sight but for your entire being as well. True connection to the world is developed. Genuine seeing takes place. Awareness sets in…Acceptance. A clutter-free mind can emerge (if only for a moment). These moments of clarity come and go just as our thoughts come and go….but do you notice them or does your thinking mind keep you separated from your daily life, of living in the moment?

The practice of Seeing Drala will help you learn how to fine tune your perceptions by using your camera as a tool. Contemplative photography is like meditation for me. Maybe it can be for you, too. Through a series of weekly assignments my hope is that you will wake up to your world; the ordinary and not so ordinary, and that you will discover joy in your everyday life.

Up front, I would like to say that I recognize that everyone is busy, already overloaded with to-do lists, work, family life and emails to respond to and so I want to make this class as simple and fulfilling for you as possible. Simple enough to stay with the 5 weeks of practice. This practice is powerful and rewarding and has the ability to offer each of us the opportunity to slow down, to be present and to enjoy this very moment…and essentially our lives.

How the class is structured.

A weekly assignment will be sent each Monday and you will have the entire week to focus on the one assignment. If you would like, your images can be uploaded and shared on Flickr – which is free. If you don’t know what Flickr is I would be happy to send you info on how to set up an account. We’ll also have a private Facebook group to connect with each other. It’s helpful to have a camera (smart phones work quite well); If the idea of transferring and uploading images to a group is too time consuming for you, you don’t have to do it. If you only want to learn about the assignments and what this contemplative practice is all about, that’s perfectly fine. My intention is to help you on your way to seeing. A contemplative way of seeing. This practice is more about the process than it is the product and it can be done (if you’re intention is strong enough) without using your camera.

My hope is that through these weekly assignments you will suddenly start to notice things you had never noticed before and that the richness of the world will start to “break open” moments of unbelievable clarity, of freshness, of liberation for you. Pure satisfaction, joy and sense of belonging in the world.

I would like to share a Freeman Patterson quote with you that I feel sums up what this practice is all about.

Have you ever noticed, on returning home from a holiday your increased sensitivity to the details of your home? You glance around when you step in the door, and some things in the house may actually seem unfamiliar for a few minutes. You notice that the English Ivy looks spectacular in the west window, that the living room walls are more cream than ivory. You notice the light of the evening spilling across the little rug at the foot of the stairs, something you can’t recall seeing before. But these moments pass quickly, familiarity is restored, everything is in its place and you stop seeing once more.

The freshness and uniqueness of these perceptions are easily lost when our visual experience is once again filtered through habitual patterns of seeing.

Listed below is what we’ll explore each week:

Week One: Color is our muse

Week Two: Tapping into the hidden beautify of our everyday lives

Week Three: Garden of impermanence, a season of change

Week Four: Impressionism and reflections

Week Five: The essence of others

If you are interested in participating in the next course that begins on Monday, October 22.

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I look forward to exploring the phenomenal world and all of its magic with you.


PS: If you are a photoshop junkie and can’t live without post processing software, then this course is not for you. But maybe you will consider the possibility that you might be ‘okay’ with your images just as they are. This can be a practice in acceptance.

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