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Sparkle on the internet & see your web site shine!

Let us help you express yourself in the digital universe – from basic consulting to simple blogs to full fledged wowza custom web sites, Ritama Design is here for you with your best interests at heart.

WordPress is the magic bag of beans that we prefer to work with, but, we know a lot about everything in the web world, so, ask us anything.

Why work with us?
We’re dedicated, kind, caring, funny, sincere and really, really, really good at what we do.

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Wander through some glow below:

I’m thrilled to have Ritama as my web meisterin. She gets me, she wants the best for me, she’s a true artiste, she’s playful, and she makes it easy for the cyber-tourista to cope in the big bad online world. Ritama both rocks and rules.Donaleen Saul – author and creativity coach

Every time I go to my website I’m amazed at how beautiful and user-friendly it is. Even more amazing, the process of designing it and putting it up was easy and fun, start to finish. All credit goes to Ritama, who has wonderful ideas, loves her work, is unfailingly sunny and always follows through. What more could you ask for?William Powers – author

Ritama re-invented my website and transformed it into a vision of stunning beauty. In our modern world where we think we can do it all ourselves, working with someone like Ritama has taught me that only real magic occurs when we have the pixie dust of their genius fall from their wings and onto our work. Simply put, Ritama is in a category all of her own.W.R. Wilkerson III – author, owner of Ciro’s Books

Ritama was also a guest author on KOM! Click here for her story.


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