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The Right-Brain Business Plan
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You’re a creative entrepreneur and, let’s face it, the very thought of writing a business plan makes your skin crawl. Yet you know how important it is to have clear goals and action steps for your business to succeed.

So, how ‘bout approaching your business in a way that honors your natural creative genius? Yay!!

With Jennifer Lee’s bestselling book The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success and her engaging and interactive Right-Brain Business Plan Home Study program, you’ll complete all of the pieces that go into a traditional business plan, and you’ll actually have fun doing it. Bring on the color, collage, and out-of-the-box thinking!

Not only will you move your business forward in ways you may have never imagined, you’ll also give yourself permission to bring even more authenticity, creativity, and intuition into your work.

This is not business as usual!

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