Sponsor Love: Quartz Annual + a Special Giveaway

You deserve real mail that makes you feel special, and leaves you in breathless, wide-eyed wonder. That’s why there’s Quartz Annual, a creative, mystery mail project that delivers a box of art and story to subscribers once a quarter. It’s gorgeousness you can hold in your hands and take in with all your senses. Really. And it’s so good, it comes with a warning label.

You shouldn’t open an edition of Quartz Annual until you’re ready for the consequences. If wonder and joy aren’t on your agenda the day it arrives, open it the next day. And when you do finally open it, your nose is going to be the first to know. That magical fragrance is your invitation to notice and enjoy what’s inside. I don’t want to reveal all the unique details, but there are three things you’re guaranteed to find in every edition of Quartz Annual:

– A collection of written pieces from invited contributors. The overall plot of Quartz Annual is love. Given, received, witnessed, released, misunderstood, surprising, evolving love. The Premiere Edition featured beautiful, emotionally intimate work from 7 different women. The December edition is shaping up to be just as wonderful.

– An original art piece from me related to the edition’s theme. Because I don’t rely on prints or reproductions, there’s unique flavor in every single box that leaves my home workshop. For the first shipment, I brought out my watercolors and dusted off my pastels for the first time in years. I might get a little 3-dimensional for December. We’ll see where the creative muse leads me.

– A collection of curiosities, usually naturally occurring. I am inexplicably drawn to the hidden stories of seemingly ordinary things, and this is my way of sharing those stories with you.

I want you to experience the thrill of opening your mailbox and finding a gorgeous piece of mail addressed to you (by hand, of course). I want you to be so excited when Quartz Annual arrives, you clear off the kitchen counter and carefully open the package, disassembling it with the same love that went into putting it together for you. I want you to feel the special, magnetic pull of mystery and anticipation.

Most of all, I want you to receive delightfully satisfying real mail!

The next edition arrives in subscriber mailboxes on December 16th. Subscriptions are $65 per edition plus shipping. Quartz Annual makes a great gift, and 2-quarter and 4-quarter gift subscriptions are available.

Special Giveaway
I’ve saved a Premiere Edition of Quartz Annual for a lovely Kind Over Matter reader. The theme of the Premiere Edition is At Home in the Wilderness. It’s about the wild, natural places we go to when our hearts need peace, or when our hearts need to feel a kinship with other naturally untamed things. With this edition, I deliver the essence of the wilderness right to your hands.

For me, the wilderness is a forest full of life, from birth to death and beyond. It’s beautiful and sometimes awful, and it’s more than me. It’s one of the places where I feel most reverent, and it’s where I go to untangle and unravel all of the things that distance me from that reverent awareness.

Usually, these kinds of giveaways are managed through the post comments. I want to do something a little different, a little more personal between me and you.

I say, “Wilderness.” You say, “___________.”

Send me an email responding to this prompt. Don’t think too hard about it, just offer the first word that comes to mind. And if you’ve got a story about the wilderness you’d like to share with me, I’d be delighted to read it. Please be sure to include your name and your mailing address. Everyone who emails me by midnight tomorrow night (US Pacific) will get real mail me from me in one way or another within the next couple of weeks. Handwritten with love. And one lucky responder will receive Quartz Annual. Either way your mailbox won’t be empty!

Andrea Lewicki is a project artist and Quartz Annual is her latest endeavor. Her priorities include art, undivided attention, shared meals, and heart-swelling conversations. You can read about her life’s left turns and her take on creativity on her personal website. She loves starting conversations on Twitter, sharing her crazy dreams (most recently about goats) on Facebook, and catalyzing ideas on Pinterest.

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