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Hello! My name is Deb Scudder ~ I run Pipistrelle Photography, where I sell my photographic prints. I have a wide selection of prints available, covering many genres, although I do have a special interest in vintage-style images and mysterious photographs that tell a story.

I use both digital and film cameras to capture images that have a story to tell, or that speak of something unspoken. My work covers many areas – still life, portraits, animal photography, nature and landscapes, as well as some set-pieces that are used to evoke a sense of mystery or to create a narrative. I have one digital camera and several vintage film cameras – my favourites to use are the Lomo Smena 8M and the Lomo Smena 6 (or Cosmic 35) – I also have several old cheap plastic point-and-shoot cameras (the kind you would get free with a magazine or something!) which are great for more ‘lomographic’ images – where distortions, light leaks etc can add another dimension to the image. When shooting with a film camera, I alway use expired film, just to add a further degree of unpredictability to the proceedings. I love to use my Lomo Smenas particularly for creating multiple exposure images, which often have a surreal, dream-like quality.

I love, and often try to create, images that look like the tatters of a dream you can’t quite remember just as you are waking up.

My nature and landscape shots evoke the area of the UK in which I live. It is quite an ordinary place, until you look at it through the lens of a camera and apply a little imagination! My aim is to bring out the magic and the beauty in everything, even the most mundane or neglected of places.

Most of my prints are available in many sizes, as can be seen in the ‘Choose Your Print Size’ section of my shop. I also have Buy One Get One Free offers, and some special discounted sets.

I hope that my work speaks to people, and they find something in it of meaning for themselves. Thank you!

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